Growing up the youngest of five children, Tamborine Borrelli was blessed with parents who were entrepreneurs of a successful line of family operated businesses and who taught her the value of hard work and personal responsibility at a young age. 

From Bernie to Trump: Election Integrity Investigator Uses Expertise in Plan to Clean up WA Elections in Bid for Secretary of State

Rejecting partisan politics before 2016, Borrelli heard politicians on both sides of the aisle, making promises they would never keep. She viewed this type of insincerity as an ‘establishment’ norm. Initially a political newcomer not versed in the consequences of certain policies, Borrelli was attracted to Bernie Sanders because of his seemingly anti establishment message. She became a National Delegate as well as a candidate for state senate to be a part of what she saw as the anti establishment movement.  Her support for Sanders changed at the Democratic National Convention when Borrelli was recruited by Election Justice USA to help get their 100 page statistical analysis to Bernie showing the evidence that the official results of his primary were statistically impossible. Being given a rude awakening when he ignored the report and then asked the delegates to support Clinton. Her time as a Bernie supporter officially ended when he gave the remainder of his $200 million dollar war chest, of the famed $27 donations, to the Democratic National Convention… the very establishment he campaigned against.

Borrelli follows Trump’s Lead in Fearless Stance Against Election Fraud

President Trump is the first elected President to be vocal about the issues that threaten the integrity of our elections.  Acknowledging the stolen election of Bernie in 2016 and being bold enough to make election integrity a top priority is why Borrelli was proud to cast her vote for a true anti-establishment candidate in 2020.  Borrelli, like Trump, has been the target of slanderous lies designed to steer people away from the truth about the lack of integrity in our elections, and like Trump, Borrelli will not back down. Holding the immutable truth that every American’s vote should be counted as cast, no matter where they stand politically. Borrelli has been on both sides of the aisle, knowing firsthand that doubt in our elections is something both sides share, contrary to what the official narrative claims. For that reason, she is committed to bringing integrity back to our election system.

All Issues of Concern (CRT, Mandates, Sexualization of Our Children) Hinge on Election Integrity

There are many issues of concern plaguing Washington State. From the re-education of our children to hate our country, for white children to hate themselves, to being exposed to inappropriate pornographic content at the early developmental stage of learning. For parents to lose the right to be parents, allowing thirteen year olds to make decisions about their gender while parents stand legally helpless on the sidelines. The many levels of devastation that Vaccine Mandates and the shutdowns caused to the people of Washington who suffered personally, financially, mentally and emotionally has not even begun to be measured. All of these crucial and life changing issues make election integrity the most important issue of all. If we cannot be absolutely sure that the people being ‘voted’ into office are there legitimately, who are making laws that are tearing the fabric of this country apart, then we must do everything we possibly can to ensure our elections are transparent, secure and publicly verified. 

Honest Elections Easy As 1 – 2 – 3

Since 2016, working as a board member of Election Justice USA, Borrelli learned everything about the fatal flaws in our voting system and the solutions to correct it:

  1. Mail In Voting has no Chain of Custody and is crucial for the integrity of any elections.
  2. Security vulnerabilities in the electronic tabulating machines and the Weighted Race Feature within their code, allows for the manipulation of vote totals.
  3. Hand Counted Paper Ballots at the small precinct level, counted the night of the election with full citizen oversight and unbroken chain of custody will restore integrity to our elections.

Unlike the former Secretary of State who used her power to influence legislation designed to hide our election vulnerabilities with HB 1068, Borrelli will use the power of the office to bring transparency to the Public Records Division, bring ease to the Initiative and Referendum process and overall confidence in the election system that governs it.  

Borrelli lives with her family on a five acre sanctuary farm, taking care of neglected, abandoned and disabled animals.  She is the Director of the non-partisan, state non profit, Washington Election Integrity Coalition United (WEiCU) pronounced WE SEE YOU, and has filed 9 lawsuits to restore transparent, secure and publicly verified elections for Washington State.