We are honored to endorse Tamborine Borrelli for Washington’s Secretary of State. It is time to have SECURE and TRANSPARENT elections for ALL citizens. We believe Tamborine is the woman for the job! more

Conservative Ladies of WA State

Dear constituent of the great State of Washington, Seriously damaging encroachments and usurpations by the Federal government, quite reminiscent of pre-Revolutionary era, are ripping at the security fabric of our nation. There is no better time than now to support the pillars of freedom for our Constitutional Republic. The Founders knew that if those filling the seats of government had wisdom, knowledge, fortitude, perseverance, hated dishonest gain, had respect… more

Rebecca Chaney ~Patriot Academy Constitution Coach

Doug Basler Endorses Tamborine Borrelli for  Washington Secretary of State Kent, WA — Today, Doug Basler made the following statement.  I’m excited to endorse a true patriot for Secretary of State in Washington, Tamborine Borrelli. Tamborine is a tireless advocate for election integrity in Washington State and across the nation. She is passionate about making sure our elections are free, fair, and open. Tamborine is one of a host of former… more

Doug Basler Congressional Candidate CD 9

In support of an American Patriot ~ Washington State has been ill served by both party establishments. Citizens find themselves caught in a crossfire of big money politics and special interests. There is almost no room for “We the People” despite the tired words promising to do the right thing which always occurs conveniently, just before the election. Enough. Tamborine Borrelli has spent time in both Democrat and Republican camps, only… more

Blaine D. Holt, Brig Gen (ret), USAF Co Founder, Restore-Liberty.org

I whole heartedly endorse Tamborine Borrelli for Secretary of State for Washington. Tamborine has been fighting for election integrity in Washington since July 2016 and will continue the fight for open and transparent elections that follow state and federal requirements as the Secretary of State. Over the last two years the nation’s voters have lost faith and confidence in voting systems across Washington and the United States; Tamborine is the best person to bring… more

Darin Gaub, Lt. Col., (ret)

In WA’s fight for election integrity, Tamborine Borrelli simply has no equal. She is fiercely dedicated to securing transparency and accountability in our Secretary of State’s office so WA voters can truly feel assured their vote is counted, and counted correctly.

 Tamborine is an America First Republican and isn’t afraid to stand up to bureaucratic heavyweights…she doesn’t tolerate corruption and isn’t intimidated by the threats or attacks… more

Amber Krabach Fmr. KCGOP EIC Chair

I am honored to send this letter as my endorsement for your 2022 candidacy for Washington State Secretary of State. As an advocate for election integrity in Washington State, and also as someone who has vigorously advocated for Government accountability, I have determined among all the candidates that your impressive record of fighting for election integrity over the last several years and your proven ability to work with our states diverse political communities, makes… more

Cody Hart for Gov. Accountability

We support Tamborine Borrelli as our next Secretary of State. For too many years voters in Washington have had questions about the validity of elections. We all thought Dino Rossi won, but more votes we magically found for Gregoire. This has gone on numerous times. Voters no longer have confidence in the voting process. Tamborine has worked tirelessly at WEICU to bring election integrity back to Washington. She is the only candidate who wants… more

Snohomish County Plaintiffs in WEiCU Lawsuit