Amber Krabach Fmr. KCGOP EIC Chair

In WA’s fight for election integrity, Tamborine Borrelli simply has no equal. She is fiercely dedicated to securing transparency and accountability in our Secretary of State’s office so WA voters can truly feel assured their vote is counted, and counted correctly.

 Tamborine is an America First Republican and isn’t afraid to stand up to bureaucratic heavyweights…she doesn’t tolerate corruption and isn’t intimidated by the threats or attacks of the establishment. Her sole objective is to serve the people of WA, and serve them well. Through her work the last few years, she has already shown that even when great, personal sacrifice is required, she will forge ahead to pursue justice. I have no doubt that she will serve WA voters with integrity.

 It is my honor to give Tamborine Borrelli my full endorsement for WA’s next Secretary of State!