Blaine D. Holt, Brig Gen (ret), USAF Co Founder,

In support of an American Patriot ~

Washington State has been ill served by both party establishments. Citizens find themselves caught in a crossfire of big money politics and special interests. There is almost no room for “We the People” despite the tired words promising to do the right thing which always occurs conveniently, just before the election. Enough.

Tamborine Borrelli has spent time in both Democrat and Republican camps, only to find what we all have…it’s a machine and you have to go along to get along. The party bosses “guide” you on where you must be to survive and thrive. Enough.

Like most clear-minded Washingtonians, Tamborine understands the machines do not serve the people. Her expert level understanding of the flaws in the integrity of our election systems puts her in a class by herself. Tamborine understands that without confidence in our elections, there is no self-governance, no democracy. The establishment seems to turn a blind eye. Enough.

We need an honest broker in Olympia. We need a champion of the people: not Democrats, not Republicans…all the people. Whether a Washington citizen is aligned in political ideologies with Tamborine or not, they can trust that she will be the Secretary of State for all of the people. Her years at the helm of WEICU, as well as her position of trust at Restore Liberty ( make her the perfect guardian of Washington State elections for all people.

It is with great pleasure and honor that I extend my highest endorsement to Tamborine Borrelli for Secretary of State in Washington. As a senior retired veteran, general officer, and co-founder of Restore Liberty, I know she will bring integrity to government and safeguard our electoral processes. Republican or Democrat, we can all rely on her to be the “honest broker.” She truly is an American Patriot.

Blaine D. Holt, Brig Gen (ret), USAF Co-Founder, Restore Liberty