Rebecca Chaney ~Patriot Academy Constitution Coach

Dear constituent of the great State of Washington,
Seriously damaging encroachments and usurpations by the Federal government, quite reminiscent of pre-Revolutionary era, are ripping at the security fabric of our nation. There is no better time than now to support the pillars of freedom for our Constitutional Republic.
The Founders knew that if those filling the seats of government had wisdom, knowledge, fortitude, perseverance, hated dishonest gain, had respect for the constitutional republic’s founding intent, and had a zeal and honor of the Divine Creator, then we could confidently expect our affairs to rest on a firm and lasting foundation.
Tamborine Borrelli, a personal friend, is worthy and qualified to defend the tenets of liberty and freedom based on life giving principles. Tamborine understands the casting of a vote at the ballot box is the means by which we have our voices heard and our values counted. You cannot have fair and free elections if those elections are not supremely safe and secure.
If Washington desires to keep the brush fires of freedom brightly burning for current and future generations, the citizens of this great state will take seriously the repairing of the grave fractures within the election integrity process and the appropriate areas of influence and jurisdiction.
A vote for Tamborine Borrelli for Washington Secretary of State is a monumental step forward in the right direction! It is my great honor to personally endorse Tamborine Borrelli for such a time as this.
“Sacred duty ours; results are God’s.” -John Quincy Adams
For Freedom,
Rebecca Y. Chaney
Restore Liberty Mississippi, Director
Mississippi Freedom Caucus, Board Member
Mississippi Parents for Vaccine Rights, Chaplain
Patriot Academy Lifetime Constitution Coach