The Antidote for Election Fraud

By Tamborine Borrelli
Candidate for Secretary of State
The Flame Newspaper

Any one of us can recall the times when we felt like we were coming down with a cold or were just not feeling well. We reach for a myriad of either over the counter remedies or a good ole home brew tincture to aid in the relief of our symptoms. We rarely, if ever, say we need an ‘antidote’ for our cold. Antidotes are saved for diseases that can threaten our very lives.

Whether you personally believe election fraud is real, it’s real enough to cause over half the country to have dis ease when asked if they think we have transparent, secure and publicly verified elections. Both the populous left and right may have many policies they disagree about. However, the one thing they come together on is that there is absolutely a viral disease that has swept our country and it has threatened the life of our constitutional right to have free and fair elections. The life threatening disease of Election Fraud can only be cured with an antidote created and administered by you, by me, BY WE THE PEOPLE. In order to understand the necessity of the antidote we first have to understand just how dangerous and damaging the threat is.

Mail In Voting and Chain of Custody

One of the main offenders to election integrity is the Mail In Voting system. It is promoted to the uninitiated for its ‘convenience’ while not a word is spoken of how that convenience robs a person of the sanctity and security of their vote. The Mail In Voting system lacks chain of custody which is defined as follows: In practice, a chain of custody is a chronological paper trail documenting when, how, and by whom individual physical or electronic evidence was collected, handled, analyzed, or otherwise controlled and secured. In a court of law, an item will not be accepted as evidence unless the chain of custody is an unbroken, properly documented paper trail without any discrepancies or missing gaps. Chain of custody is essential when protecting the truth of a matter and must be handled in a meticulously careful manner to prevent tampering or contamination. When an unsuspecting voter places their ballot into the mailbox or drop box, they will never know when, how, and by whom their ballot was either properly handled or violated with nefarious intent. This is especially true when in our state of Washington, anyone can walk into an auditors office and by only giving a name and birthdate can receive a ‘replacement ballot’ which then can be voted whether it was actually the real voter or not. If that fraudulent ballot was received before the real voters ballot, their vote would be rejected as only the first ballot received on any voter ID is the ‘one that counts’.

The Tabulation Machines CANNOT BE TRUSTED

All of the tabulating machines that Washington state uses to add the vote totals have an infrastructure that is vulnerable to hacking, internet capable and have within their code what is called a weighted race feature. If you would like to see how easy it is to ‘hack’ into voting machines, do a search on DEF CON Hacking Conference to see it done in real time, in less than 2 minutes in some cases. It has been said that voting machine demonstrations have been given to the 12 year old hackers because it is just too easy.

The ‘Air Gap’ lie given by most auditors, which claims the machines aren’t connected to the internet and therefore are ‘secure’ from hacking is just categorically false. Dominion and ES&S which are two companies supplying our voting machines have actually admitted that they have modems built into some of their machines. When the former Secretary of State Kim Wyman was asked at a Washington State Republican Party meeting if our voting machines are connected to the internet she said, ‘They shouldn’t be.’ Pierce County auditor Julie Anderson was asked the same question and answered by saying, ‘They are internet capable’ which translates to them being vulnerable to hacking. Another election integrity gift our former Secretary of State gave us is that after multiple security breaches to our 2020 election including a ransomware attack, she pushed one of the biggest cover up bills ever passed in our states history. HB 1068 exempts ANY public disclosure related to just how vulnerable our elections are and any information pertaining to the degree in which they were breached in 2020. Our elections are anything but transparent.

Bennie J. Smith is a computer programmer/coder, and Election Commissioner in Shelby County, Tennessee. He discovered the weighted race feature in 2015 that exists within most of the tabulating machines used to count the ballots throughout the country including but not limited to ES & S, Hart and Dominion. Smith said, “In 2015 I conducted a study and found out that this counting mechanism was inside the tabulating systems. I developed a proof of concept program called Fraction Magic (now called Scorecard) that showed from start to finish that this is a real deal in that you could actually do something very diabolical. You get to play God without permission and it can be done with a level of such precision that would mimic some realistic election results.” To see Bennie demonstrate vote flipping go to and type in WEiCU and look for my interview with him.

Electronic Registration Information Center or ERIC was former Secretary of State Wyman’s contribution. It is supposed to help auditors by giving them the data needed to clean the voter rolls but instead the data of non voters, non citizens who are registered at the Department of Licensing, people who are dead, out of state and unlikely to vote are kept on the voter rolls. Dirty Voter Rolls allow for nefarious actors to print phantom ballots.

THE ANTIDOTE: Ditch Mail In Voting and All Electronic Tabulators

1. Hand Counted Paper Ballots at the precinct level with ID. All precincts with no more than 1,000 people. Casting a vote will be as accessible as walking around the block. Full citizen oversight, with an unbroken chain of custody. The ballots will never be out of the publics view… even if there is a fire alarm. CCTV at all times. In addition, two citizen journalists at every precinct who will be present as back up if the system should go down. Counted on the DAY of the election until every legal vote is counted. ALL EYES on the ballots at ALL TIMES.

2. Election Day made a holiday to address any ‘accessibility’ issues.

3. Opt out of ERIC saving tax payers the expense monetarily and the cost of dirty voter rolls. Every voter receives a notification at the voter’s address as listed on the state voter registration database informing them of the change to precinct level in-person voting. For every letter returned undeliverable, the corresponding registration will be removed from the state’s database. All new registrations stringently follow Article 6 Section 1 of the Washington State Constitution for ‘Qualifications of a Voter’ to ensure accurate, up to date and reliable voter rolls. NO DOL registrations. Go back to the trusted poll book at the precinct level.

Until we bring our elections back to the local level, free from the vulnerabilities of electronic systems and the illusion of convenience out weighing transparent, secure and publicly verified elections we will never have the freedom to pursue our God given rights guaranteed to us by our Constitution.