The Enemy Inside the Line

By Tamborine Borrelli
Candidate for Secretary of State
The Flame Newspaper

The Line of battle in any war marks the boundary of territory between enemies. Every war has had enemies that have breached that line, in some cases this is done overtly, however the most effective way to breach a line of battle is of the subversive variety. More times than not, an enemy that has been successful in penetrating the line isn’t found out until the damage has been done and at that point it usually is too late.

As the Director of Washington Election Integrity Coalition United or WEiCU, I have experienced first hand, many examples of an enemy inside the line as it pertains to our election system. The most egregious being those who purport to be in support of election integrity, yet when the rubber meets the road, their efforts stop short of doing anything that would actually change the current electoral system. A system that is neither transparent, secure or publicly verified. This type of deception in and of itself would be bad enough, however there are those in Washington state who have gone a step further in dedicating their time, effort and resources in obfuscating, suppressing and sabotaging election integrity efforts that would indeed end election fraud.

One such example is the former Secretary of State Kim Wyman. The same Kim Wyman who incidentally is a fellow at the Aspen Institute, funded by George Soros. The same George Soros who created The Secretary of State Project that was focused on getting certain candidates elected to office who would prove beneficial in certain key elections. It may be noteworthy that Ms. Wyman was the only (Republican) who won every election in the whole state. She was (elected) in 2012 and in that same year spearheaded the non profit, Electric Registration Information Center or (ERIC). ERIC provides over 30 states the service of providing registration data to the county auditors so that they know which registrations are no longer qualified to be on the voter roll such as dead voters, those who are inactive because they haven’t voted, have moved away or are not citizens. Taxpayers spend tens of thousands of dollars on ERIC yet the voter rolls have been proven to be riddled with unqualified voters. This means the auditors are not utilizing the data to clean the rolls. The problem with having dirty voter rolls is that anyone that has a name and date of birth can log into Vote WA, our states registration system. Once in, a ballot can be printed, whether it is the actual voter or not. The problem with this, other than the obvious is that if a fraudulent ballot is received before the actual voter’s ballot, the fraudulent ballot will be the one that counts and ballot of the qualified voter will be rejected.

It gets worse. If a bad actor walks into the auditors office for a ‘replacement’ ballot, all they have to provide is the name and birthdate to receive a ballot. Cody Hart from Skagit County proved this by walking into the Skagit County Auditors office and was given a replacement ballot without having to show ID. This could have easily been done by a bad actor and Cody’s ballot could have been in danger of not being counted.

In September of 2020 there was a massive security breach to four state agencies, all of which hold voter data needed to access VOTE WA; name, DOB and signatures. This was done just one month before the general election. Instead of conducting an investigation into how this could have fatally compromised our election, Secretary Wyman pushed an emergency bill through the legislature that made any data concerning the security, breach of security and any security vulnerability to our election system EXEMPT FROM PUBLIC DISCLOSURE.

Former Secretary Wyman upheld Washington’s mail in voting system as one of the most secure electoral systems in our country yet by its very nature lacks any verifiable chain of custody. When evidence in a court of law loses chain of custody it is no longer admissible. When asked if the electronic tabulators that (count) our votes was connected to the internet her answer was, “It shouldn’t be.” That wasn’t a ‘no.’ All tabulators are internet capable and have as many security holes as a piece of Swiss cheese. Besides being able to be hacked by 12 year olds at the annual Def Con Hackers Conference, most of these machines have within their code a feature allowing for a ‘weighted race’. Basically that means any race can be manipulated by one election staffer. To see an example of this you can go to WEiCU’s youtube channel and find the interview with Bennie Smith who discovered this weighted race feature.

Another player that can be described as ‘Inside the Line’ is Washington State Republican Party Election Integrity Committee Chair. Bill Bruch, a bonafide huckster being found guilty of swindling an elderly couple out of 1.2 million dollars, has set his agenda to discrediting WEiCU’s efforts to expose election fraud in Washington state and has used his influence to spread blatant and verifiable untruths about me so that well meaning people are tricked into not supporting our work. He has directed 37 county leads to spread the word far and wide that I am the most dangerous person in the state. I am the most dangerous person in the state, to those who have been lying to the people, giving them busy work in the name of election integrity with no intention of ever fixing the fundamental problems that cost most Washingtonians the sanctity of their ballot counting no matter what side of the aisle they find themselves on. Just ask a Bernie or Trump supporter.

Elected officials are supposed to be on ‘our side’, especially prosecuting attorneys. Under RCW 36.27.020(9), the prosecuting attorneys have an affirmative duty (“shall”) to: “Present all violations of the election laws which may come to the prosecuting attorney’s knowledge to the special consideration of the proper jury”

RCW 29A.84.720 renders failure to follow a legal duty as it relates to elections a class C felony:

”Every person charged with the performance of any duty under the provisions of any law of this state relating to elections, including primaries, or the provisions of any charter or ordinance of any city or town of this state relating to elections who willfully neglects or refuses to perform such duty, or who, in the performance of such duty, or in his or her official capacity, knowingly or fraudulently violates any of the provisions of law relating to such duty, is guilty of a class C felony punishable under RCW 9A.20.021 and shall forfeit his or her office.” 

WEiCU acting in the publics interest has more than enough evidence justifying an investigation of numerous irregularities in our electoral system and as such have the right to our day in court to prove our case. One of our concerns is that we believe non- citizens are being exploited by being automatically registered at the Department of Licensing so that their fraudulent registrations can be used to print ballots. This compromises their future citizenship and risks deportation. We filed a Writ of Mandamus in the SupremeCourt and provided evidence of several counties that had tens of thousands registered non-citizens which included a list of redacted names of those who had a ballot accepted in their name. In other words, non-citizens who either voted themselves or who had a ballot cast in their name. This is a violation of Article 6 SEC 1 of our Washington State Constitution under ‘Qualifications of a Voter.’ Our case was denied barring us from being heard by the Supreme Court yet the Supreme Court ordered us to pay sanctions in upwards close to $30,000 for bringing a frivolous case with no evidence.

Washington voters are at a fork in the road. No matter your politics, it has to be understood that those in power have always rigged the system to hold on to that power and any who threaten that power are made examples of. We have to choose which world we want to support. The one where we pretend everything is what the official narrative says it is, or the one where we go with our gut that tells us only WE can clean up a dirty electoral system by removing the mechanisms that allow fraud i.e. mail in voting and compromised electronic machines. If you are of the latter mindset and want to join us in restoring transparent, secure and publicly verified elections to Washington state you can do so by contacting either WEiCU or Borrelli for WA Election Integrity at the addresses below. weicu@protonmailcom

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