The Murder of WA State Elections

By Tamborine Borrelli
Candidate for Secretary of State
The Flame Newspaper

Murder, she said? Some may think it too strong of a word. Perhaps too graphic. However, when we take an assessment of the consequences of a corrupt electoral system, i.e. the myriad of assaults on our constitutional rights such as vaccine mandates, people losing their jobs, forced isolation in family members final hours, businesses closing etc., we can see how this could lead to the calculated death of our Republic.

No matter where your political leanings reside, many agree that there is something very wrong with our electoral system. Bernie supporters on the left and Trump supporters on the right both have been on the receiving end of what can be likened to an unsolved murder. As with any murder the first piece of evidence that points to a crime is a dead body. In the case of Washington state, and almost every other state in our nation, the ‘dead body’ is an electoral system that is void of transparency, security and one that cannot be publicly verified. The next question in a murder case revolves around the ‘who’ and the ‘how’.

As non-partisan, election integrity investigators, we at Washington Election Integrity Coalition United (WEiCU) have been investigating the 2020 General Election for over a year. We have compiled a vast collection of evidence that vividly explains how the murder of our elections took place and a growing list of direct suspects and those who are complicit by allowing it to happen. The most egregious of violators are those who conspire to discredit or cover up the truth so the world will never know that Washington state is a murder scene of our state’s election integrity.

Death By a Thousand Cuts

1. September of 2020 there was a ‘massive security breach’ to four government agencies in Washington state. A government informant said that Gov. Inslee put a gag order on all staff not to talk about it. The agencies were the DOR, DSHS, DCYF and WA Tech. The first three agencies have the data points necessary to access the VOTE WA system that has about as many holes in its security as a piece of Swiss cheese. Access to someones name, contact info, Date of Birth and signature is all that is needed to gain access to any voter’s registration. With those pieces of data anyone can print out a “Phantom Ballot.” According to protocol, the first ballot cast is the one that counts. If a fraudulent ballot is counted first, the actual voter’s ballot would be discarded. The voter would never know their ballot was disqualified. WA Tech is the cyber security division specifically tasked with protecting our elections, yet (they) were breached. Furthermore, in January 2021 Kim Wyman contributes to legislation (HB 1068) that makes all election security vulnerabilities and breaches exempt from public disclosure.

2. Against standard security protocol, a Microsoft security patch was run during the election. This potentially exposed the VOTE WA system to further election breaches and may have rendered certified systems to lose that accreditation. A whistleblower came forward stating high level cyber security officers knew there was confidential data ‘in the wild’ which was to justify the illegal security patch.

3. Multiple counties used uncertified ballot tabulator systems, rendering the ballot counts from these machines illegal.

4. Lincoln County was under ransomware attack during certification as a result of the security breach. They could not access any of their computers. Despite these concerning security breaches, they certified.

5. Testimony from Department of Licensing employees attest that the DOL aggressively registers non-citizens. One way this is happening is that the box that assumes citizenship is pre checked. Most applicants do not realize they have registered to vote when they are applying for a driver’s license. This practice results in tens of thousands of non-citizens on the voter rolls. Therefore, non-citizens receive a ballot. Even though most will throw it away to not risk jeopardizing their future citizenship, the fact that they are on the rolls increases the possibility of bad actors printing phantom ballots in their name without their knowledge. Below are the numbers of non-citizens registered to vote between 2018- 2020. Note: We have evidence of ballots being accepted from some of these registrations, a clear constitutional violation of Article 6 section 1 pertaining to the ‘qualifications of a voter.’

Clark- 4,046

Franklin- 2,304

King- 34,637

Pierce- 5,225

Snohomish- 7,629

Spokane- 1,122

Whatcom- 1,969

Yakima- 4,864

6. Using data from the Secretary of State and Edison Election Night Reporting, we found that there were over 425,000 unaccounted for votes and from 9:36pm to 10:13pm there were 2 million votes that disappeared. Both ‘irregularities’ happened in the Governor’s race. Those who are in opposition to our investigative work never ask us to show them this evidence.

7. 6,614 votes were flipped from a third party candidate to Biden. On ten different occasions there were over 37,000 votes that were ‘moved around’. This we believe happens when they are trying to see what is needed to win in a specific race. This could also explain why the counting stopped simultaneously across the country.

8. Mail In Voting has many points of handling/or exchange between production to the election counting center, resulting in ZERO chain of custody. This increases the likelihood that your ballot is subject to nefarious actions. In a court of law, when evidence loses chain of custody, it is not admissible in court.

9. Multiple counties showed more received ballots than registered voters. This was especially prevalent in the age group between 70-75.

Unfortunately, Uni-party RINO’s posing as Patriots have conspired in a defamation campaign designed to steer people away from supporting or trusting our work. They are the most treasonous of offenders as they seek to deceive by pretending to fight for our states election integrity while engaging concerned voters in ‘busy work’ that only kicks the can down the road until the next sham election. Meanwhile the truth tellers are neutralized and silenced at every turn. This is a Marxist tactic.

We are relentless! To date WEiCU has filed 9 lawsuits across the state, of which 8 have had the Democrats bulldog legal apparatus, Perkins Coie file motions to intervene as defendants, multiple judge swapping, and an overall dismissive attitude against provable evidence. Our lawsuits include a Writ of Mandamus against Governor Inslee to compel the DOL to cease their practice of registering non-citizens. The Commissioner would not (allow) this case to be heard by the Supreme Court and upheld the Governors ability to shirk his constitutional oath. We will not be deterred and will continue this fight until Washington state has transparent, secure and publicly verified elections for ALL Americans.